Achieve HIGHER ROI, Without Lowering Your Profit Margins

Are you an eCommerce company that’s tired of throwing money away on ineffective marketing? Are you losing customers somewhere on your site with no idea where?

Not Sure Where To Go Next?

Not only is it difficult to know which marketing efforts are worth pursuing, but it can also be tough to tell when something is going wrong. 

If you’re not constantly measuring and tracking your website data, you may not realize there’s an issue until it’s too late. 

Vodata Digital’s suite of services was created to help eCommerce companies detect issues early and make the most of their marketing budget. 

We offer a variety of services including Reporting & Attribution, Conversion Rate Optimization, Martech Stack Creation and more!

Our Solutions & Services

Reporting & Attribution

Looking to measure the success of your marketing campaigns? Reporting and attribution is exactly what you need. You can determine the effects of each campaign and see which ones are most effective. So don't guess or rely on inaccurate data - use reporting and attribution!

Conversion Optimization

Would you like to make more money without increasing your ad budget? Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! Conversion Optimization can help you do just that. We utilize reporting and attribution platforms to detect where drop-off points or bottlenecks are located for your customers. We eliminate those and allow you to make more without increasing ad budgets!

Martech Stack & Automation

This powerful service allows you to merge all of your marketing tools into one cohesive unit, giving you a more accurate view of your campaigns and allowing for more profitable marketing overall. Don't miss out on this essential service NEEDED to scale your ecom business

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Increase YOY in Site Traffic

Getting You to Scale While Maintaining Higher Margins

You don’t need to increase spending on ads YET!
Utilize attribution software and data-driven insights for optimized customer experience

Custom Solutions That Benefit Your Business The Most

Pricing that’s built to accommodate your needs; let’s hop on a call and discuss the scenario together. In order to tackle the problem at hand without paying for things that wouldn’t help the solution at hand.


Are Your Services Monthly?

Yes, the majority of our services are monthly with occasional months costing more due to additional services purchased

What Is Martech stack?

Martech is your marketing tech stack. By utilizing the data captured by each of your software, we then combine it with a CDP (Customer Data Platform) to have unified data across all software. The goal is to create a machine that doesn’t involve manual effort.

Does Reporting & Attribution Come With Consulting?

Totally! With reporting and attribution the goal is to give actionable steps in order to optimize your ads + website. Adding our CRO Package covers A/B Testing (you can upgrade for just the website or the ads as well).

Do You Manage Ads?

We only manage ads on specific plans, please contact to learn more.

Ready to Increase Your Profit Margins?