Vodata Digital Inc

Cosmetic Clinic & Spa Accelerator Program


The Foundational pieces that’re required to scale your clinic digitally

WE PROVIDE: The Website and Inbound Client System for Med Spas & Aesthetic Clinical Services

With the foundational pieces set, we happily instruct the best organic approach to acquiring more customers.

Combined with our systems, this process is simplified; allowing you to earn additional revenue that much faster. Once a certain point is reached, we invite you back to join System Encore.

System Encore

The Holy Grail of marketing systems

WE PROVIDE: Fractional CMO + Full Prospect-to-Patient Marketing Services for Med Spas & Aesthetic Clinical Services

With a fractional CMO handling all of your marketing, you get to focus on delivering the best service for your:

01 Med Spa

02 Laser Clinic

03 Cosmetic Clinic

What is Vodata Digital?

Vodata Digital, a Canadian-led digital optimization company, helps cosmetic clinics and medical spas accelerate their online growth through our 2 systems; Pre-Encore and System Encore.

As one of the only Canadian agencies that offer both marketing and operations-based solutions for this industry, Vodata is changing the way clients do business.

Our team has extensive experience working with small businesses, and businesses totalling 9-figures a year. We’ve worked on their Websites, SEO campaigns, Ad campaigns, Messaging campaigns as well as sales offers to help drive conversion from your websites & funnels.